dimanche 25 janvier 2009

PODCAST 18 - CatmilkMix 24 Janvier 2009 @ radio-crash-dance.com

Kazey & Bulldog - For Da Real G's (French Fries Rmx)
Kaseo - Kill the radio (Don Diablo Remix)
Brick N' Lace - Never Never (Switch Remix)
Crookers - Mad Kidz
Edu k - La Fumo Loco (Edu K Yerba Buena Remix Ft.Tigrinha)
Nadastrom - Pussy (Original Mix)
Dj Manaia - The Bass Killer
Favretto ft Naan - What's Your Name (LA Riots Remix)
L' Interlude des Simpsons
Chewy Chocolate Cookies - Cheeseburgers
The Cool Kids - 88 (Chewy Chocolates Cookies Remix)
Da Carrot - Renegade
Q.G. feat Children Of The Night (Exclusive Track, thanks HRMV)

dimanche 18 janvier 2009

PODCAST 17 - CatmilkMix 17 Janvier 2009 @ radio-crash-dance.com

Harvard Bass - Caked (Original Mix)
Moby - I Love To Move in Here (Crookers Bass In Here Mix)
3 Is A Crowd - Take It Back (HeavyFeet Remix)
Lazy Flow vs Zombie Disco Squad - Polka Shit vs Bitches (Mr. Licious Bootleg)
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Trumpdisco Remix)
Surkin - White Knight Two (Laidback Luke Remix)
Sharooz - Get Off (This Is Kokuz ReChop)
N.A.S.A. - Money (The Count Of Monte Cristal 'Dungeon' Remix)
Mustard Pimp - Gold!
Heads We Dance - The Human Touch (Sidechains remix)
The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (DiscoTech Remix)

dimanche 11 janvier 2009

PODCAST 16 - CatmilkMix 10 Janvier 2009 @ radio-crash-dance.com

DJ Orgasmic & Teki Latex - The Sixpack Anthem (Harvard Bass Remix)
Crookers - Big Money Comin' (Original Mix)
Jay Robinson - Flaming Marvellous (Gaetan Remix)
Djedjotronic - Dirty & Hard feat. Spoek (Boys Noize's Jump If You're An Idiot Mix)
aUtOdiDakT - Shit Your Rack (Proxy Remix)
Tom Deluxx - Drama Queen (Eclier Grinded Remix)
DJ Gero - Hey Yo
Audiostalkers - Rapidgirl (Original Mix)
Keatch - Call It Love
Alexander Technique & Van Scott - Nightlovers (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
Mustard Pimp - Zombie Revenge
Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (Justice Production)